Dimakin RM-502 Manual Descent Powered Section Bender Ring Roller

£2,990.88 inc VAT £2,492.40 ex VAT

50mm Ø × 2mm tube capacity

Two driven rolls

Single pinch

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A very compact design roll bender, a perfect entry model into powered ring rolling, the RM-502. This DIMAKIN machine features two powered rolls, and a manual top roll descent. The standard tooling that comes with the machine is comprised of several varying width tooling allowing bending of solid, flat bar, and square section of many sizes from the moment the machine arrives. Thousands of die sets are available for all types of other application such as tube and pipe, which are sold separately, but all fit on the machine. Additional features of the machine include lateral guide rolls, horizontal and vertical working positions, a CE compliant emergency stop, and a useful storage cabinet for tooling and tools. This foot pedal operated machine is the perfect machine to begin your journey into roll bending.

Flat bar (hard way) * § 50×10 Ø800

Flat bar (easy way) * § 80×15 Ø700

Solid square * § 35×35 Ø1400

Solid round * § Ø30 Ø700

Tube † Ø50×2 Ø800

Pipe † Ø33,7×2,6 Ø900

Rectangular hollow section * ‡ 50x30x3

Square hollow section * ‡ 40x40x3

Angle (toe out) § 40x40x5 Ø400

Angle (toe in) § 40x40x5 Ø500

T-section (toe out) § * 50×5 Ø800

T-section (toe in) § * 50×5 Ø950

T-section (toe up) § * 50×5 Ø950

Channel section (toes out) § * UPN 50 Ø400

Channel section (toes in) § * UPN 50 Ø500

Power 1,1kW-1,5hp

RPM 10,6/21,2

Tool Ø (mm) 149-79/118-59

Shaft Ø (mm) 30/30

Weight (Kg) 250

Dimensions (mm) 660x760x1420

Section mod (cm3) 10

SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 250kg 1000 x 750 x 1500mm

* Standard Rolls

† One set of rolls is required for each tube OD

‡ Special rolls for thin wall profiles

§ Special profile