Optimum OPTIturn TZ 4V Manual Lathe (3 Phase 400v)

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  • Hardened and ground Z-axis guideway
  • Partial covering with entrained, large-dimensioned chip protection
  • Chip protection with integrated position indicator, coolant hose and additional control panel
  • Plan and upper slide spindle is hardened and ground and adjustable via split spindle nut
  • Guide and feed shaft cover
  • Fine graded feed and thread cutting area
  • LED machine lamp for complete illumination of the working area
  • Energy chain for gentle line and hose routing
  • Change wheels optionally also available for inch and module threads
  • Control cabinet with 24 V DV power supply
  • Switch with life cycle calculation tested according to EN ISO 13849
  • Decoupled handwheels tested to EN 23125
  • Two-channel right-left switch tested to EN 23125
  • All contactors and relays from Siemens or Schneider
  • Safety handwheels with release function in the X and Z axis
  • Forward removable chip tray
  • Quick change steel holder SWH 5-B
  • Steel holder 25 x 120 type D for square chisel 20 mm
  • Digital position indicator NEWALL DP 700

TZ 4V:

  • Reduction of the deceleration time of the main spindle through energy recovery
  • All contactors and relays from Siemens or Eaton

Included as Standard: Fixed steady Ø10 – 130 mm. Travelling steady Ø10 – 100mm. Reduction sleeve MT 3 and MT 6. Fixed centre MT 3. Quick change tool holder SWH 5 – B. Square Tool holder 25 x 120 type D. Interchangeable gear set for metric thread.

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Precision Center and Turning Center Lathe

OPTIturn TZ 4V
Precision head and spindle lathes with digital position indicator NEWALL DP 700 and quick-change steel holder. TZ 4V with electronically controllable drive

Technical Data

Dimensions and weights
Length (product) approx. 1960mm Height (product) approx. 1690mm
Width/depth (product) approx. 1060mm Net weight approx. 1250kg
Work areas
Max. height 200mm Swing diameter above planing slide 245mm
Max. width 800mm Bed width 260mm
Swing diameter above machine bed 400mm
Speed range
Number of gears 2 Speed range
30 – 3000min¯¹
Electric Data
Drive motor output 5.5kW Mains frequency 50Hz
Supply voltage 400V
Cooling lubricant system
Cooling lubricant system coolant pump output 125W
Standards and certifications
Standard DIN EN 55011 EMC level C3
Spindle chuck DIN ISO 702-1 No. 5 Spindle cone MT 6
Spindle bore/rod passage diameter 52mm
Tailstock chuck MT 3 Tailstock quill diameter 50mm
Tailstock quill stroke 110mm
Metric pitch 0.2 – 14mm/rev Number of imperial pitches 42
Number of metric pitches 22 Modular thread pitch 0.1 – 7mm/rev
Imperial pitch 80 1Threads/1″ Number of modular thread pitches 44
Travel X axis 112mm Travel Z axis 212mm
Longitudinal feed range 0.0263 – 1.8416mm/rev Flat feed range
0.0133 – 0.9321mm/rev
Number of longitudinal feeds 48 Number of flat feeds 48
Electrical connections
Total rated value 5kW
Drive motor gears 2

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