Metallkraft WPP 60 HBK Hydraulic workshop press (3 Ph 400v)

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  • Increased stability due to improved design of the machine base, cylinder adjustment via handle and hand wheel, manometer on the machine side
  • Suitable for assembly and straightening work as well as for workpiece checks or the pressing and pressing of bearings and other components
  • Ideal for technical workshops, repair shops and technical training facilities
  • With two piston speeds and pressure regulation by throttle screw
  • Pressure gauge for pressure gauge
  • Heavy machine frame welded from steel profiles to absorb the resulting compressive force of the cylinder
  • The hydraulics work extremely precisely in both electrical and manual mode
  • Adjustment of the cylinder via rack to handwheel
  • Heavy and robust welded construction
  • More extensive accessories
  • Quality made in Europe

Equipment details

  • Convenient and clear operation of the hydraulic unit
  • Sturdy frame construction while flatter construction
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the cylinder via rack and handwheel
  • Easy table height distribution with the help of the hydraulic cylinder and fastening bolts

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Metallkraft WPP 60 HBK Hydraulic workshop press

Heavy duty with moving piston and two piston speeds

Technical Data

General Features
Pressure force 60t Lowering speed 10mm/s
Piston stroke 300mm Press speed 1.5mm/s
Piston travel 450mm
Dimensions and weights
Length (product) approx. 1350mm Clear width 790mm
Width/depth (product) approx. 650mm Max. installation height 1000mm
Height (product) approx. 2290mm Frame depth 180mm
Net weight approx. 480kg
Electric Data
Drive motor output 1.5kW Mains frequency 50Hz
Supply voltage 400V
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 30l Hydraulic oil operating capacity 20l

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