Dimakin Workshop Hydraulic Press WSP-60 Ton

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The Workshop Press WSP-60 is the next level up from its 30 ton capacity siblings. Much like all other powered models, operation of this machine is controlled by a lever that directs the machine up or down. However, in addition to this, precise movements can also still be produced manually. To do this you can use a hand pump located at the side.

This machine allows the operator to convert almost zero effort into up to 60 tons of pressure. This pressure can be maintained and monitored with ease by viewing the integral pressure gauge located in the frame.

In addition to the ease of use in being a powered machine rather than a purely manually actuated machine, this machine features a moveable head, increasing the operators options when pressing.

Again, with eight interchangeable rungs to support the material bed on, the daylight of the machine is 900mm, allowing large objects to be worked on within the machine. In addition to this, the working size of the Workshop Press WSP-60 is now 820mm x 300mm. Additionally, the stroke size is again up to an impressive 400mm. Unlike some suppliers, V-blocks come as standard in all DIMAKIN workshop presses.

This machines frame is made from fully welded boiled steel, and weighs in at 700kgs. Because of this, the machine is capable of handling 60 tons of pressure day in day out.

With a larger bed, chains are included to assist in adjusting the working height as standard. In conclusion, this machine will be a great addition to your fabricating space for many lifetimes.

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Capacity 60 ton

Working Size 820mm x 300mm

Stroke 400mm

Daylight 900mm

Motor Power 3kW

Pump Capacity 6 litres

Working Speed 6.1mm/s

Return Speed10mm/s

Size 850mm (L) x 1460mm (W) x 2400mm (H)



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