Bandsaw BS-500-DM-SA

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The BS-500-DM-SA Bandsaw is currently the biggest dual-mitering machine in the standard DIMAKIN range, alongside the BS-500-DM in terms of capacity. Dissimilarly, however, the BS-500-DM-SA Industrial Bandsaw is a semi-automatic model. Because of this, the bandsaw has the addition of full vice clamping controls on the control panel. Also, due to its dual mitre abilities, the machine benefits from a quick-locking vice that can be adjusted to secure the material on both sides, helping it saw 60° left and 45° right.

Hands-free bow descent is controlled with a dial on the control panel. This NC adjustment improves true repeatability. The bow returns under its own hydraulic power to an operator-set height once the cut is finished.

Accuracy is also improved on this model over smaller machines with new blade dimensions. At 34mm tall, and 1.1mm thick, it ensures perfect cutting. Tension on this blade can be seen via a blade-tension pressure gauge at the front of the machine. Adjustable blade guides further aid removing flex in the blade.

The Bandsaw BS-500-DM-SA is a semi-automatic version of the BS-500-DM

In addition to the many features on this machine, the in-built flood coolant system flows into a swarf tray, which then drains into the frame of the machine. This fluid is then recycled, reducing the temperature of the blade and material, keeping them at optimal temperature. This improves the life of your blade, and in turn your cut quality.

Blade brushes sweep debris from the surface of the blade. Once the machine has reached the material bed, a limit switch will kill the blade.

The single control panel controls the entire operation of the machine. This panel includes adjustment knobs for blade speed, bow descent rate, coolant pumps, and an emergency stop, among others. In addition to this, the control panel includes cycle start and stop buttons, and vice adjustments for the semi-automatic features of the machine.

Furthermore, the control panel includes a digital readout (DRO) which displays blade speed. Therefore, allowing for precise adjustment of the inverter driven blade for accurate cutting while switching between hard and soft materials.

To conclude, the Bandsaw BS-500-DM-SA is a machine that can take the hardest work out of your day, even more so than any other bandsaw in the range.

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  • Robust and powerful
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Suitable medium to large output workshops.
  • Hands-free controlled bow descent and automatic return.
  • Control panel
  • Precision blade speed.
  • Mitres up to 60° left, 45° right.
  • 34mm blade depth for precise cutting.
  • Integral flood coolant system as standard.
  • Blade tension gauge.
  • Quick-lock vice.
  • Automatic blade-stop when cut is finished.
  • Three phase

However, if you don’t require a semi-automatic machine at this stage, check out smaller machines in the range. Perhaps the exact same model without the semi-automatic operation; the BS-500-DM

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ROUND CUTTING CAPACITY 90°/45°/60°/45°L 330mm/305mm/215mm/305mm
RECTANGLE CUTTING CAPACITY 90°/45°/60°/45°L 330mm x 460mm/330mm x 270mm/315mm x
195mm/330mm x 270mm
MITRE Dual (0-60°R & 0-45°L)
BLADE DIMENSIONS 34mm x 1.1mm x 4130mm
BLADE SPEED 21 – 93m/min
DESCENT Hydraulic
RETURN Automatic
WEIGHT 990kgs
MOTOR 2.25Kw/3HP
POWER Three phase
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 1090kg 2270 x 900 x 1670mm


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