Aircraft AIRPROFI 503/50 P Mobile Piston Compressor with Belt Drive (3ph 400v)

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  • Maximum, robust equipment and best quality at a reasonable price
  • Fully automatic on-off operation
  • With all safety devices
  • Completely ready for connection

Quality electric motor

  •  Quality electric motor with high starting torque is equipped with a motor protection switch
  • Starting capacitor and starting relief valve ensure easy starting
  • Phase inverter as standard for easy manual reversal of the direction of rotation

Compressed air compression via high-performance HOS unit

  • The start-up relief valve ensures easy and pressureless start-up
  • The two-cylinder high-performance unit made of gray cast iron and the low speed warranty particularly quiet and low-vibration running and a long service life
  • This ensures an even longer service life due to even less wear and tear
  • High-quality compressor with optimum lubrication for a long service life and high reliability
  • Equipped with high quality intake filter
  • The aftercooler with large cooling fins ensures a low boiler inlet temperature and thus less moisture in the compressed air, which protects the air tools
  • Additional intercooler to the aftercooler
  • Corrosion-free valve plates for improved heat dissipation and compressor longevity
  •  The large fan impeller and a cooling air baffle on the cylinder ensure optimum cooling of the compressor
  • A sturdy metal belt guard ensures optimum protection of the components and a high level of user safety
  • Compressed air supply to the boiler via flexible armored hose line with heat protection prevents vibration breakage

High quality drive belt

  • Powerful and economical drive
  • The toothed drive belt facilitates start-up, improves running smoothness and power transmission and reduces power consumption by up to 30%.
  • Sturdy metal belt guard

Comfort safety coupling – The advantages.

  • Comfort safety couplings from AIRCRAFT as the first manufacturer to be used in series production
  • Two separate locking systems for maximum working safety
  • Dangerous whipping of the hose line is prevented

Comfortable and safe to transport and set up

  • Ergonomically extended handle for comfortable transport in an almost upright position – strain on the back due to lifting is avoided
  • Puncture-proof PU foam wheels and stable steering chassis with parking brake allow easy transport
  • The parking brake prevents both turning and rolling movement of the wheels and ensures optimal standing of the compressor
  • Practical second transport handle on the boiler, which facilitates carrying the compressor

High quality boiler with durable rust protection

  • AIRCRAFT is the first manufacturer to equip the AIRPROFI series compressors with hot-dip galvanized tanks inside and outside as standard
  • AIRPROFI series boilers therefore come with a 15-year warranty against rust-through.

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 Technical Data
 Length (product) approx.  860mm
 Width/depth (product) approx.  440mm
 Height (product) approx.  880mm
 Net weight approx.  66kg
 Supply voltage  400V
 Mains frequency  50Hz
 Delivery power  3kW
 Absorbed power  3,67kW
 Sound power level Lw  95dB(A)
 Explanation sound power level Lw  Sound power level according to DIN EN ISO 3744 (RL 2000/14/EG)
 Compressor system  HOS
 Suction capacity approx.  510l/min
 Filling capacity approx.  400l/min
 Explanation filling capacity  at 6 bar working pressure
 Number of cylinders  2
 Number of compressor stages  1
 Compressor speed  1310min¯¹
 Maximum pressure  10bar
 Pressure vessel capacity  50l

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