Aircraft AIRPROFI 440/100 OF PRO Reciprocating Compressor (3ph 400v)

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  • Designed for demanding continuous use when oil-free and clean compressed air is required
  • Air is blown through the cooling chambers of the cylinder by means of a fan; thus optimum cooling is achieved
  • Large piston, movably mounted, resulting in 60% more power compared to tilt piston systems
  • Cylinder running surfaces with high-precision and micro-smooth surface for minimum friction
  • The high-performance piston or piston ring made of a graphite-Teflon-carbon special compound has a much longer service life than a simple piston ring made of Teflon

High-quality maximum equipment

  • Filter pressure regulator for stepless adjustment of the working pressure, with simultaneous dirt, oil and condensate separation
  • One compressed air outlet each for filtered compressed air, filtered and oiled compressed air and a direct outlet on the compressed air tank
  • Two comfort safety quick couplings
  • High-quality CONDOR pressure switch
  • One pressure gauge each for container and working pressure
  • Simple condensate drain via ball valve

Compressed air lines and reservoirs with long service life

  • Flexible armored hose line with heat protection prevents vibration fractures
  • Inside and outside hot-dip galvanized, corrosion-protected compressed air tank with 15-year warranty against rusting through

Comfort safety quick couplings

  • One-hand safety couplings according to DIN EN 983 used as standard by AIRCRAFT as first manufacturer
  • Two separate locking systems for maximum working safety
  • No whipping of the hose line during uncoupling

Convenient transport

  • Transport back-friendly in upright position and without lifting
  • Additional transport handle directly on the container
  • Puncture-proof PU foam wheels
  • Stable steering chassis with parking brake


  • Type-tested by an approved monitoring body
  • Recurring container inspections also possible by a competent person

Immediately ready for use

  • Fully automatic on-off operation
  • With all safety devices
  • Completely ready for connection

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 Technical Data
 Length (product) approx.  1260mm
 Width/depth (product) approx.  490mm
 Height (product) approx.  970mm
 Net weight approx.  91kg
 Supply voltage  400V
 Mains frequency  50Hz
 Delivery power  1.7kW
 Absorbed power  2,2kW
 Duty cylce drive motor  70%
 Sound pressure level Lp  70dB(A)
 Explanation sound pressure level Lp  Sound pressure level at 1 m distance according to DIN 45635 T 13
 Suction capacity approx.  440l/min
 Filling capacity approx.  267l/min
 Explanation filling capacity  at 6 bar working pressure
 Number of cylinders  4
 Number of compressor stages  1
 Compressor speed  1400min¯¹
 Maximum pressure  10bar
 Pressure vessel capacity  100l

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