Winntec from SIP S-Wipes Box 09790

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Winntec from SIP S-Wipes Box

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The Winntec from SIP S-Wipes are for industrial use, and able to remove grease, oil, sludge, silicon, and much more. Moisturizing agents keep hands soft and clean, and has no harmful chemicals.

Wipes for use in workshops and garages
For grease, oil, tar, silicon, paint, and more
No water required when using the gloves
Quickly removes any debris or contaminants
Suitable for bare hands and work surfaces
Environmentally safe to discard in the bin
One S-Wipe sheet is enough for all work
Moisturizer keeps hands clean and fresh
Approximately 366 wipes in each box

Packing Measurements:
H: 135mm W: 250mm D: 240mm
Net weight: g Gross weight: 7000g