Winntec from SIP Earth Mover Bead Breaker 09802

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Winntec from SIP Earth Mover Bead Breaker

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The Winntec from SIP Earthmover Bead Breaker is designed to work on all 5-piece 25″ to 51″ tyres and rims, and includes pry bar and loosening pockets, and a 110mm working range.

Suitable for all 5-piece tyres and rims
Ideal for 25″ and 51″ tubeless tyres
Large versatile 110mm working range
Includes pry bar/loosening pockets
Durable anti-corrosive construction
Powerful 10 Ton hydraulic lifting
Premium European design
Winntec 3 year warranty

Packing Measurements:
H: 125mm W: 180mm D: 475mm
Net weight: 12500g Gross weight: 14000g