Unicraft IHG 3500 Induction heater 6400035

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For heating and loosening of stuck and rusted parts

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Unicraft IHG 3500

Powerful and easy to use

  • Control with up to ten parameters, eg setting the maximum temperature or duration of the heating process
  • High repeat accuracy by setting the desired parameters
  • Cheap, safe and clean alternative to heating with welding torch

Numerous applications

  • Attachments exchangeable for many applications
  • Detach smaller trim parts, stuck and rusted parts such as bolts, nuts, screws, bearings, gears or the like
  • Local heating of parts for soldering, pressing, bending or gluing
  • Melting of low melting point materials

Practical details

  • Integrated water cooling, thanks to water level indicator easy to fill
  • Easy software updates via USB port
  • Easy to transport due to its compact design and low weight

Key Features:

  • Easy handling with high repeat accuracy
  • Quick release of screws and nuts
  • Heating parts for pressing, bending or gluing

Delivery Content:

  • handle for coil with 2 m cable
  • focusing coil sidewards
  • cooling circuit filling 2.5 l


L: 700 H: 300 W: 350

Weight: 15kg