SIP RS7.5-10-270BD/FF Rotary Screw Compressor 06533

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ITEM NO. 06533
Input Supply: 400v (32A) 3-PHASE
Motor Power: 7.5kW (10hp)
Receiver Size: 270ltr
Free Air Delivery (FAD): 35.30CFM (999ltr/min)
Max. Air Pressure: 145psi (10bar)
Filtration Level: 10�m particulate, 1�m oil filter
Refrigeration Dryer: 3�C Dew Point
Air Quality: 2-4-2 (ISO 8573-1*)
Noise Level: 62dB(A)

*Class ISO 857301
Solid Particle (max. per mtr�): 2; 100,000 (0.1�m – 0.5�m)
Water (Pressure Dew Point): 4; 3�C
Oil (mg/mtr�): 2; 0.1

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The SIP RS7.5-10-270BD/FF Rotary Screw Compressor is an all-in-one and space-saving workstation that offers very high-quality, clean, and dry compressed air via a generously-sized dryer.

400v (32A) 3-PHASE input supply
270ltr large receiver; 145psi (10bar) max. pressure
35.30CFM (999ltr/min) max. free air delivery (FAD)
Powerful 7.5kW (10hp) motor for high performance
High-quality and dry air provided by a generous dryer
All-in-one and easy-to-use workstation; quiet operation, compact and modern design; ideal for continuous use
Air end, dryer, filters, controller, and receiver housed in a single modular unit; an easy space-saving solution
Dry tank technology; constant airflow, reduced corrosion
Automatic condensate discharge and status via panel
Offers easy access for servicing and maintenance
Drastically reduced installation time and cost
Fully automatic, integrated, self-monitoring
Made in Italy / 2 year warranty

Pack Height(mm): 1600
Pack Width(mm): 700
Pack Depth(mm): 1650

Product Height(mm): 1560
Product Width(mm): 700
Product Depth(mm): 1580

Net Product Weight(kg): 350