SIP RC2/50 Compressor 06459

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SIP RC2/50 Compressor

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The SIP RC2/50 is an oil-lubricated direct drive compressor, built with an efficient cooling system, external air filters for easy access, and quality twin gauges for accurate measurement.

230v (13amp) input supply
Oil-lubricated, direct-drive unit
Powerful 2hp (1.5kW) motor
Compact 50 litre air receiver size
8CFM maximum piston displacement
4.8CFM maximum free air delivery (FAD)
116psi (8 bar) max. working pressure
Built with an efficient cooling system
External air filters for easy access
Fitted with quality twin gauges
Premium Italian construction

Packing Measurements:
H: 645mm W: 770mm D: 330mm
Net weight: g Gross weight: 33000g