SIP NB7.5/270 Silenced Piston Compressor 04208

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SIP NB7.5/270 Silenced Piston Compressor

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The SIP NB7.5/270 is a powerful silenced piston compressor designed for industrial performance, and is fitted with an acoustic chamber for the pump and motor to reduce overall noise levels.

400v (20amp) input supply
Powerful 7.5hp (5.5kW) motor
Heavy-duty 270 litre air receiver
29.7CFM max. piston displacement
145psi (10 bar) maximum pressure
For industrial-grade air requirements
Acoustic chamber for pump and motor
Fitted with a heavy-duty 2-stage pump
Super quiet 64dB(A) low noise level
Excellent for workshop and garages
Premium Italian construction

Packing Measurements:
H: 1505mm W: 1544mm D: 695mm
Net weight: g Gross weight: 258000g