SIP Meteor 2300 Electronic Welding Headshield 02884

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SIP Meteor 2300 Electronic Welding Headshield

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The SIP Meteor 2300 Electronic Headshield boasts a very quick light-to-dark response time, and vice versa, effectively protecting eyes from a sudden arc. Lightweight and fully adjustable.

Adjustable welding shade control settings:
4 SHADE for grinding tasks
9 – 13 SHADE for ARC/MIG/TIG
5 – 9 SHADE for plasma cutting
1/10,000sec light-to-dark response, 4 sensors
Test button checks electronic shielding functions
Solar panel and 2x CR2450 3v Lithium batteries
Adjustable padded headband for more comfort
Integrated low shield power warning light

Packing Measurements:
H: 290mm W: 260mm D: 260mm
Net weight: g Gross weight: 500g