SIP Fireball 1850 Infrared Diesel/Paraffin Heater 09156

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SIP Fireball 1850 Infrared Diesel/Paraffin Heater

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The SIP Fireball 1850 Infrared Heater has a double sheet steel casing for thermal and acoustic insulation, timed ventilation which cools the combustion chamber, plus an adjustable head.

230v (13amp) input supply
155,737 BTU/hr maximum heat output
65 litre shockproof polythene fuel tank
Ultra heavy-duty casing and construction
Timed ventilation cools combustion chamber
Adjustable flexible head for directing heat
Infrared heats objects rather than air
Double sheet steel casing to ensure
thermal and acoustic insulation
Premium Italian construction

Packing Measurements:
H: 1030mm W: 1040mm D: 710mm
Net weight: g Gross weight: 91000g