SIP Chargestar Auto 40 Battery Charger 03974

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SIP Chargestar Auto 40 Battery Charger

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The SIP Chargestar Auto 40 is a powerful battery charger with 3 different charging modes, dual voltage functions, infinitely variable charge settings, and thermal overload protections.

230v (13amp) input supply
12v / 24v dual internal voltages
600Ah max. rated battery capacity
40A (12v) / 20A (24v) rated output
12v (10A) battery support + stabiliser
Infinitely variable charge rate settings
Three different charge modes available:
Manual user settings selection
Automatic from saved parameters
Automatic completely after START
Bespoke software; AGM/GEL/calcium/lead
Current selector, digital ammeter, voltmeter
Thermal overload / short circuit protections
Charge function used without voltage peaks
Polarity reversal protection and charge timer
Charge voltage and alternator tester
2 year warranty / Made in Italy

Packing Measurements:
H: 270mm W: 150mm D: 390mm
Net weight: g Gross weight: 4000g