SIP 35A Battery Support Unit & Charger 03560

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SIP 35A Battery Support Unit & Charger

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The SIP 35A Battery Support Unit & Charger has multi-step charging and reconditioning modes, settings for safe battery replacements and ECU protection, and provides a stable voltage.

230v (13amp) input supply
2A to 35A flash program current
35A (12v) / 17.5A (24v) charger current
12v to 16v flash program voltage range
Large 110 to 1000Ah battery capacity range
Delivers current to power vehicle accessories
Protects ECUs & modules during battery changes
Multi-step charging and built-in recondition mode
designed for both internal and external batteries
Ideal for ECU flashing and software updates
Provides a stable voltage and amperage
Suitable for all major battery types
Clear and accurate LCD displays
Automatic charge rate settings
Premium Swiss construction

Packing Measurements:
H: 230mm W: 390mm D: 370mm
Net weight: g Gross weight: 2500g