SIP 12″ Industrial Circular Metal Saw 01565

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SIP 12″ Industrial Circular Metal Saw

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The SIP 12″ Circular Metal Saw is designed for cutting ferrous metals, and includes twin vices for centralising workpieces, cast iron machine head and base, and a reliable coolant system.

400v, 3 phase input supply
Powerful 1.7hp (1.3kW) motor
Heavy-duty dual-speed motor:
18rpm @ 750w / 36rpm @ 1.3kW
Complete circular cutting capacities:
@ 90°: 140 x 90mm (box) / 100mm (round)
@ 45°: 100 x 90mm (box) / 90mm (round)
Built-in coolant system for lubrication
Twin vice (centralizes the workpiece)
Designed for cutting ferrous metals
Pedestal stand and blade included
Cast iron machine head and base
Totally enclosed blade for safety

Packing Measurements:
H: 940
480mm W: 970
760mm D: 615
Net weight: 184600
35800g Gross weight: 206800