S4240 Starrett Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Machine 3Ph 400V

£10,980.00 inc VAT £9,150.00 ex VAT

This semi-automatic machine can perform mitre cutting of structural profiles up to 75° & – 45°, outstanding for everyday jobs. In addition, the high cutting capacity of 300 x 300mm and its rigid construction makes this machine offer a smooth, controlled cutting speed with hydraulic feed pressure. All these elements combine to create a powerful band saw machine, ideal for regular intensive use on harder metals. Like all our band saw machines, it complies with all the required CE safety standards.

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3Ph 400V.
Angle cutting on both sides: 0 to 75° and 0 to – 45°.
Blade speed controlled by a variable frequency drive.
Dynamometric saw tension indicator.
Hydraulic feed control.
Hydraulically tightened vise.
Worm-geared motor.
Hydraulic pump with three-phase motor.
Combined blade guides, hard-metal plates, and roller bearings.
Safety device for band saw blade breakage.
CE compliant.