Optimum S 500 CNC lathe 3515150

£127,890.00 inc VAT £106,575.00 ex VAT

Convinced by high speeds, precision and efficiency as well as by the additional equipment such as chip conveyor and C-axis. Including Siemens control 828D

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Optimum S 500

  • Robust and heavy “cartridge” spindle system, each with a double row cylindrical roller bearing at the front and rear, and a double-sided tapered bearing in the center.
  • Long life of all bearings with permanent lubrication
  • All axes with SIEMENS servomotors
  • Direct drive of all axes to eliminate torsional backlash or for greater precision in threading and contouring.
  • Double-preloaded ball screws with low pitch for increasing the feed force
  • Fast turret switching – release and turning process virtually simultaneously
  • Turret switching nonstop bidirectional
  • Programmable tailstock, where the quill is activated with the pedal or in the program
  • Tailstock can be positioned by drive rod
  • Portable electronic hand wheel
  • Hydraulic tool turret from Sauter with driven tools
  • Automatic Door opening with monitoring
  • Coolant system
  • Heat exchanger
  • Bar feeder Interface
  • Chip conveyor and chip wagon
  • Automatic Renishaw measuring arm for Tool Measurement
  • Programmable Part catcher
  • Two years SIEMENS warranty included


  • Safety Integrated
  • Remaining material detection and processing
  • ShopTurn machining step programming
  • 3-D simulation
  • Network Preparation
  • Simultaneous recording

Room amenities:


    • Meehinate cast
    • Cooling fins to the outside conduct heat better

    machine bed

    • Cast in one piece
    • Heavily ribbed
    • 45 degree tilt
    • High rigidity and durability
    • Meehaniteguss with hardness HB 170 ~ 180


      • High rigidity and stability

      cast body

      • Hardened (HRC48-52) and heat treated

      machine feet

      • 6 pieces
      • Optimal alignment of the machine

      Laser measurement

      • Guaranteed repeatability and positioning accuracy

      Tool change system and C-axis

      • High part accuracy and fast tool change
      • Swivel range high torque and maximum stability
      • Time tool to tool: 0.35 seconds
      • 180 degrees: 1.2 sec.

      Programmable tailstock

      • Difficult execution
      • High rigidity
      • Tailstock can be activated via program or controlled directly by the operator with standard foot pedal

      Tool internal cooling CTS

      • Pressure: 20 bar
      • Filter accuracy 25μm

      Parts catcher

      • Automatically

      Bar loader prepared

      • Connection for bar loader

      Siemens Safety Integrated
      Set up with the door open

      Delivery Content:

      • C-axis brake system
      • Programmable tailstock
      • Chip conveyor
      • Automatic tool measurement Renishaw
      • Coolant system
      • Chip cart
      • Portable electronic handwheel
      • Heat exchangers
      • Operating tool
      • Hydraulic tool turret VDI 40 Sauter
      • Bar loader interface interface
      • Parts catcher
      • Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck Ø 200 mm S 500
      • Spindle internal cooling CTS 20 bar
      • Automatic door opener
      • Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck Ø 250 mm S 750


      L: 4480 H: 2220 W: 2290

      Weight: 6100kg