Optimum OPTIturn TX 5216V Heavy Duty Variable Speed Manual Lathe

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  • Machine bed made of heavily ribbed cast iron
  • One-piece machine base made of steel
  • High rigidity of the headstock housing thanks to heavily ribbed 25GG cast iron
  • Precisely crafted slide
  • Shafts on needle bearings, all components are lubricated in oil bath
  • Bed guides hardened and precision ground
  • All electronic controls can be reached centrally
  • All gear wheels of the feed gear made of steel, hardened and ground
  • Handwheels decoupled and tested according to EN 23125
  • Two-channel right-left switch tested according to EN 23125
  • Switch with life cycle calculation, tested according to EN ISO 13849
  • Coolant system with separate coolant tank with level indicator and oil separator; easy and complete emptying and cleaning according to DIN
  • Complete master and traction spindle cover
  • Complete illumination of the work area
  • Service-friendly removable rear wall
  • Hardened and ground plane spindle ensures enormous accuracy and durability
  • Due to the great cutting performance, high chip removal is no problem during roughing
  • Energy chain for gentle cable and hose routing
  • Lockable chip protection moves with the bed sled with integrated position indicator and coolant hose, can be moved manually
  • No change gears necessary
  • With safety device against simultaneous operation of the threading and feed mechanism
  • Electronically retarded motor
  • Electronic feed cut-off of the Z-axis
  • Electrical position shutdown with fourfold position stop
  • Standard three-jaw lathe chuck
  • Quick-change steel holder SWH 7C
  • Steel holder 32 x 130 type D for square chisel 25 mm
  • Three-jaw lathe chucks Ø 315 mm No. 8
  • Fixed center point MT 5, long
  • Fixed center point MT 5, short
  • Operating tool
  • Initial machine filling with quality oil
  • Quick-change steel holder SWH 7C
  • Steel holder for square chisels 32 x 130 type D for square chisels 25 mm
  • Reducing sleeve MT 7 / MT 5

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OPTIturn TX 5216V
With electronically adjustable drive and digital position indicator NEWALL DP 700
Dimensions and weights
Length (product) approx. 3016mm Height (product) approx. 2217mm
Width/depth (product) approx. 1270mm Net weight approx. 2470kg
Work areas
Max. height 260mm Swing diameter above planing slide 324mm
Max. width 1600mm Bed width 350mm
Swing diameter above machine bed 520mm
Speed range
Speed range
12 – 1800min¯¹
Electric Data
Drive motor output 5.5kW Mains frequency 50Hz
Supply voltage 400V
Cooling lubricant system
Cooling lubricant system coolant pump output 100W
Spindle chuck Camlock DIN ISO 702-2 No. 8 Spindle cone MT 7
Spindle bore/rod passage diameter 80mm Tool holder SWH 7C
Tailstock chuck MT 5 Tailstock quill diameter 72mm
Tailstock quill stroke 180mm
Metric pitch 0.5 – 15mm/rev Diametrical pitch
0.25 – 7.5mm x ?
Number of metric pitches 55 Number of diametrical pitches 55
Imperial pitch 60 2Threads/1″ Modular thread pitch 120 4Gg/?
Number of imperial pitches 55 Number of modular thread pitches 55
Travel X axis 170mm Travel Z axis 350mm
Longitudinal feed range 0.05 1.5mm/rev Flat feed range
0.025 – 0.75mm/rev
Number of longitudinal feeds 55 Number of flat feeds 55
Electrical connections
Total rated value 5.5kW

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