Optimum MS S2G – 102 mm Measuring strip spherosyn 3391010

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Optimum MS S2G – 102 mm

The Spherosyn (MS S2G) and Microsyn (MS M2G) length measuring systems are specially designed to meet the requirements of a harsh workshop environment.
The transducers are a completely unique design, with all components sealed and protected. You get accurate, reliable readings even when the meters are immersed in coolant, oil, water or lubricant. Standard fittings are included and make assembly quick and easy.

The advantages

  • Degree of protection IP67 – fully retractable
  • Impermeable to coolants, oil, dust, chips and almost all workshop influences
  • No more broken or scratched glass
  • Tolerant to vibrations and magnetic disturbances
  • No regular maintenance or cleaning necessary
  • No mechanical wear
  • Lifetime warranty on the scale

More than 400,000 Spherosyn and Microsyn transmitters worldwide offer the highest level of reliability.

Spherosyn and Microsyn can not only be used for the DP700 digital position display, but can also be integrated into a variety of feedback applications, such as CNC systems and PLCs.

How does this work?
The Spherosyn and Microsyn scales are based on the principle of electromagnetism and consist of a stainless steel or carbon fiber tube filled with individually classified high precision steel balls. The balls are biased in a temperature-controlled environment in the pipe and

The read head consists of six coils that are wound around a composite fiber bobbin. The coils and the required electronic circuits are sealed inside the read head by a special molding process. By applying a voltage to the coil, an electromagnetic field is generated in the read head. Due to the curvature of the balls inside the tube, the output signal varies depending on the position of the coils over the balls. As the readhead passes over the scale, the relative axial movement generates corresponding signals which are induced on each probe coil.


    L: 450 H: 80 W: 80

    Weight: 1kg