Optimum MH 22VD Drilling-milling machine 3338136

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Stable, with electronically infinitely adjustable drive and digital position display DRO 5

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Optimum MH 22VD

  • Precisely processed
  • Clear control panel with user-friendly membrane keypad
  • Safety electrics in 24 volt version
  • Easy-to-read digital display for speed and drilling depth
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Motor with two-stage gear ratio for powerful transmission of engine power
  • Powerful DC motor with permanent power monitoring
  • Control electronics with integrated relay control
  • Drilling milling head can be tilted by 60°, for milling and drilling work at any angle
  • Feed spindles play-free adjustable by adjustable spindle nuts
  • Right/Left Run
  • Machine lamp
  • High concentricity measured by tapered roller bearings of ≤ 0.015 mm in the pinole
  • Stable swallowtail guide with adjustable wedge strips
  • Massive precise surface-worked cross table with T-slots
  • Adjustable wedge strips
  • Adjustable end stops
  • Drilling for light oiling of the trapezoidal spindle
  • Two-row angular ball bearings in the axes, play-free adjustable
  • Height-adjustable protective screen with microswitch, against flying chips and parts, for maximum protection of the user
  • Fine feed
  • X-, Y- and Z-axis with prepared groove for subsequent assembly of the magnetic tapes
  • Bellows as guide protection
  • Mechanical quick-release clamping system


L: 917 H: 714 W: 770

Weight: 143kg