Optimum B 24HV Set Special Bench drill 3020245SET

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Stepless and with powerful Optimum brushless drive, speed electronically adjustable

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Optimum B 24HV Set Special

  • Smooth and powerful brushless drive
  • Separate emergency stop impact switch
  • Large, height-adjustable protective screen with safety switch for the utmost protection of the user
  • Long, ergonomic aluminum die-cast quill lever
    One piece cast (B 24HV with softgrip handles)
  • Depth stop
  • Belt cover with safety switch
  • Forward / reverse operation
  • Machine light

from OPTIdrill B 28HV

  • Quillons made of steel
  • Coolant system
  • Chip filter according to the Machinery Directive
  • Easy tool change through integrated expeller

OPTIdrill B 34HV

  • Quill stroke 160 mm
  • Tapping function
  • Digital depth gauge

Special feature of the OPTIdrill B 34 HV

  • Operating mode “auto”
    • Engine starts automatically after lever movement
    • Stops again in the starting position
    • Pushbutton Start and Stop does not have to be pressed during repetitive drilling tasks
  • Operating mode “tapping”
    • Engine is activated by moving the handle down
    • The direction of rotation is changed by limit switches on the adjustable drilling depth stop

Equipment details
Powerful brushless drive

  • Especially quiet running
  • High performance
  • Approximately constant torque over the entire speed range

belt drive

  • Best power transmission through aluminum pulleys in conjunction with toothed GATES quality V-belt
  • Smooth running thanks to ground multi-tooth driver

Digital speed display

  • Integrated in the housing

Speed control

  • by means of potentiometer


  • Guaranteed ; 0.015 mm measured in the quill


  • Precision ball bearings
  • High quality OPTIMUM keyless chuck as standard

V-belt tensioning device
Machine light

  • Integrated in the drill head
  • Halogen lamp


  • Precisely worked
  • Diagonal T-slots
  • 360° rotatable
  • Circulating cooling water channel


  • Solid
  • Large dimensions
  • Heavily ribbed on the reverse side

Cast column

  • Thick-walled
  • High power and stability

Delivery Content:

  • Optimum quality keyless chuck (1 – 16 mm)
  • Morse cone MK 2
  • T-nuts
  • Machine vice BMS 100


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Weight: 115kg