Metallkraft WPP 50-12 RP Fully hydraulic workshop press 4051050

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Flexible work by movable master cylinder, with lateral Räumveresse.

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Metallkraft WPP 50-12 RP

  • For pressing out and pressing in bearings, bolts and bushings as well as for repair and assembly work, press work, load tests, weld test tests and much more
  • With pressure mandrel adapter for two different pressing diameters of the cylinders for different applications
  • Hydraulic control of the stroke and the right / left movement of the cylinder and the height adjustment of the table
  • Master cylinder laterally movable via lever
  • Pressure-sensitive hand levers for regulating the feed rates
  • Combined with broaching press
  • Pressing pressure readable via manometer
  • The low pressure hydraulic system keeps the oil temperature low to ensure greater efficiency and safe operation

Quality Made in Canada

Key Features:

  • Two-pressing combination


L: 1270 H: 2488 W: 2286

Weight: 1409kg