Metallkraft BMBS 250 x 315 H-DG Hydraulic swing frame metal bandsaw 0368-0007

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Metallkraft BMBS-250 x 315 H-DG Hydraulic swing frame metal bandsaw 0368-0007

For miter cuts from + 60 ° to -45 °, HA version fully hydraulic with semi-automatic

For sawing eg stainless steel, tool steel, hollow profiles and solid materials
Precise and robust tape guides with adjustable HM plates
When lifting the saw arm, the lowering cylinder locks automatically in the upper position – an additional shut-off on the cylinder is not required
Monitoring of saw blade tension electromechanically via microswitch
with cooling system on the saw band guides
with chip removal brush for optimum cleaning and maintenance of the saw blade
Saw arm tilted by 25 °, thus longer blade life
Lowering the saw arm by own weight or manually (H-DG)
After the cutting process, the saw blade stops automatically
After starting the cutting cycle, the vice clamps automatically – after completion of the process it goes back to the starting position (HA-DG)


operating tool
Length stop 1 meter
chip brush
Coolant pump

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0° round (pipe) 250 mm
0° round (full material) 150 mm
0° rectangle horizontal (hollow) 290 x 200 mm
0° bundle (pipe) 200 x 120 mm
-45° round (pipe) 190 mm
-45° round (full material) 110 mm
-45° rectangle horizontal (hollow) 190 x 140 mm
-60° round (pipe) 120 mm
-60° round (full material) 80 mm
-60° rectangle upright (hollow) 120 x 140 mm
+45° round (pipe) 170 mm
+45° round (full material) 110 mm
+45° rectangle horizontal (hollow) 200 x 70 mm
Dimensions and weights
Length 1550 mm
Width/depth 750 mm
Height 1870 mm
Weight approx. 380 kg
Drive output
Main motor 0.75 / 1.1 kW
Electric Data
Supply voltage 400 V
Table height material feed 970 mm
Machine data
Saw band speed(s) 37/74 m/min
Gears 2
Saw band length 2825 mm
Saw band width 27 mm
Saw band thickness 0.9 mm