Holzkraft KAG 4 set Edgebanding Set 5400041

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Light and handy, glue everything to the mobile edges and finish

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Holzkraft KAG 4 set

Edge banding machine KAG 4

  • Ideal for mobile use in the workshop, on assembly, fairs, etc.
  • For use with molded parts and straight workpieces
  • With digital temperature control and continuous control of temperature and feed rate
  • For PVC and ABS edges of 0.4 to 3.0 mm thickness
  • Minimum inner radius of the workpiece is 25 mm
  • Easy and quick setup
  • For corner joints, the edges can be pre-glued
  • With hot melt adhesive basin
  • Short warm-up time – very good heat insulation

Edge milling cutter KF 6

  • For precise machining of various materials such as solid wood, PVC or melamine
  • With durable and powerful engine
  • Ergonomic handle for stable and comfortable guidance of the machine
  • Milling guard with integrated suction port rotatable through 180 ° for maximum protection of the user and clean and dust-free working
  • Milling head exchangeable
  • With scale adjustable in 0.05 mm increments
  • Milling guard adapts to the contour guidance of the workpiece, thus allowing trouble-free guidance of the milling cutter
  • With integrated stop for corner rounding

Edge trimmer KKG 30

  • For separating plastic or veneer edgebands
  • For flush and rectangular cutting of protruding start or end pieces or abutting edges

Vacuum clamping set VK 1

  • Ideal for use in edge banding and edge milling, even on large workpieces
  • Easy and quick assembly and disassembly of the vacuum clamps and the workpiece by quick release levers
  • The secure fixation of the workpiece by the vacuum clamps ensures ideal conditions for processing the edges on the top and bottom sides

Key Features:

  • With hot melt glue tank
    Glue application with up to 200 ° C directly on the workpiece
  • With digital temperature control
  • Ideal for mobile use
    in the workshop, assembling, measuring, etc.
  • Short warm-up time
    Very good heat insulation
  • Perfect glue application

Delivery Content:

  • Edge banding machine KAG 4, edge trimmer KKG 30 and 1 glue bottle (in plastic trolley)
  • Vacuum clamping set VK 1 (in plastic case fixable on trolley KAG 4)
  • Edge milling cutter KF 6 (in plastic case fixable on trolley KAG 4)


L: 850 H: 415 W: 465

Weight: 34.4kg