Holzkraft HBS 533 S Woodbandsaw 5155313

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In heavy professional design with saw band quick release system for the professional user

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Holzkraft HBS 533 S

  • Heavy professional design with high dead weight for maximum smoothness
  • Particularly quiet and precise run thanks to torsion-free machine housing
  • Large dimensioned cast iron saw table, one piece, swiveling from 0 ° to + 45 ° with ground and polished surface
  • Patented table tilt device with handwheel and rack
  • Sägebandschnellspannung
  • Precision Sägebandrollenführung
  • Fast and precise cutting height adjustment via handwheel and rack with millimeter scale
  • Safety switch for automatic shutdown when opening the door
  • Large font rip fence
  • Standard with angle stop
  • Table tilt via rack and handwheel

Room amenities:
Quick release system

  • Eccentric quick release lever
  • The voltage setting is not changed
  • With integrated saw band tension indicator

Cutting height adjustment

  • Fast and precise cutting height adjustment via handwheel and rack with millimeter scale

laser device

  • Standard with laser device for fast and precise display of the cutting line

Stable rip fence

  • Rip fence made of gray cast iron
  • With quick clamping and easy-to-read millimeter scale

Precision guide above

  • Precision 3-reed saw band guide with guide rollers
  • With fine adjustment

Precision guide below

  • The bottom saw band guide is also equipped with precision guide rollers and fine adjustment

Display of saw blade tension

  • Display of saw blade tension integrated in the machine frame for different saw blade widths
  • Easy to read from the operator side

Patented professional saw table guide

  • The heavy, solid gray cast iron saw table is easily and conveniently adjusted via a hand wheel rack guide
  • The inclination is infinitely adjustable from 0 ° to 45 °

Saw table on double rocker mount

  • The gray cast iron saw table is mounted on a double rocker mount.
  • Easy and quick fixation of the set tilt angle via quick tension

angle stop

  • Standard with angle stop
  • Infinitely adjustable from -60 ° to + 60 °
  • Grid points at 0 °, -45 ° and + 45 °


L: 970 H: 2160 W: 680

Weight: 305kg