Cleancraft 5548 Garden pump 7521400

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Intelligent garden pump with automatic power control

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Cleancraft 5548

  • For water supply at home or for irrigation in the garden
  • Intelligent pump control automatically regulates the speed of the conveyor system, which therefore consumes only as much energy as needed
  • Particularly suitable for using multiple consumption points and when consumers are switched on and off frequently
  • Dry run protection integrated
  • Self-contained detection of operating errors (e.g.: leakage in the line, dry run or overheating) and notification via the display – protection program prevents damage to the pump
  • Maximum conveying pressure adjustable via touchscreen

Key Features:

  • Optimized energy consumption thanks to automatic speed control of the conveyor system
  • Particularly suitable for multiple consumption points and frequent switching on and off of consumers
  • Self-contained error detection/display and protection program for the pump
  • Maximum conveying pressure adjustable via touchscreen


L: 450 H: 390 W: 290

Weight: 11.3kg