CL Electric Screwdriver CL6000-ESD  144320

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CL Electric Screwdriver

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Model: CL6000-ESD 
Ranges: 20 – 100 cN.m
1.7 – 8.8
Driver Type: Lever Start
Drive size: 1/4″ F/Hex

Manufacturer: Mountz Torque

The CL-Series electric torque screwdriver by HIOS is designed for heavy-duty production and delivers reliability as well as precision torque. The full auto shut-off clutch on this electric screwdriver completely stops the bit from turning once the torque setting is reached. This feature protects the fastener from being damaged by the electric screwdriver’s bit. The HIOS electric screwdriver is a smart choice for operations requiring a wide range of torque values. Common usages for this electric screwdriver include demanding assembly-fastening applications that require torque control, screw counting functionality and ESD protection. Requires a Transformer (power supply) like STC30 Plus, CLT-60 or CLT-70STC3.

Drive Size:1/4″ F/Hex
Range: 20 – 100 cN.m ,1.7 – 8.8, 2 – 10
Tool Weight:21.2 oz.
Tool Length:8.625
RPM High:800
RPM Low:500
Grip Dia:1 1/2″