BF Electric Screwdriver BF060P ESD  145885

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BF Electric Screwdriver

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Model: BF060P ESD 
Ranges: 9.8 – 58.8 cN.m
0.9 – 5.2
Driver Type: Push-to-Start
Drive size: 1/4″ F/Hex

Manufacturer: Mountz Torque

The BF-Series standard models feature an adjustable RPM setting on the tool and a selectable Soft Start mode. Engineered for high volume manufacturing applications the brushless motor design ensures durability and reduces the standard maintenance costs associated with brush type electric screwdrivers. The BF power tool is ESD certified, ensuring less than 1 Ohm at the bit tip. ESD management assures product quality, cost savings and a reduction in overall ESD failures. Manufacturing engineers involved with microelectronic products are aware of the importance of controlling Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) failures. Lapses in preventing the occurrence of electrostatic discharge can affect production yields, manufacturing costs, product quality, product reliability, reputation and profitability. Note: Requires Program Lock Key.

Model:BF060P ESD
Drive Size:1/4″ F/Hex
Range: 9.8 – 58.8 cN.m, 0.9 – 5.2, 1.5 – 6
Tool Weight:14.5 oz.
Tool Length:9
Minimum Adjustable RPM Range:700
Maximum Adjustable RPM Range:1600
Grip Dia:1 1/4″