Bench and Vice Bandsaw Portable 240v S100G 0330-0102/0

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Bench and Vice Bandsaw Portable 240v S100G 0330-0102/0
Spare Blades available
Cutting ranges
0° round (full material) 100 mm
0° quadratic (full material) 100 mm
0° rectangle horizontal (full material) 100 x 150 mm
0° rectangle upright (full material) 100 x 150 mm
+45° round (full material) 65 mm
+45° quadratic (full material) 60 mm
+45° rectangle horizontal (full material) 60 x 100 mm
Dimensions and weights
Max. length 950 mm
Max. width/depth 660 mm
Max. height 820 mm
Length 850 mm
Width/depth 300 mm
Height 680 mm
Weight approx. 23 kg
Drive output
Main motor 0,37 kW
Electric Data
Supply voltage 230 V 0r 110v
Machine data
Saw band speed(s) 45 m/min
Saw band length 1470 mm
Saw band width 13 mm
Saw band thickness 0.65 mm
Cutting angle 0 – 45 °

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Bench and Vice Bandsaw Portable 110v S100G 0330-0102/0
Quick-action vice for fast workpiece clamping
Saw bar can be swiveled from 0 ° to 45 ° to allow angled saw cuts
Easy to read scale for angle adjustment
Micro switch for automatic limit switch
Automatic lowering of the saw bar via three-stage adjustable saw bar lowering pressure
As standard with high-quality bi-metal saw band
Large, handy handle and low weight allows easy transport to the construction site
Adjustable material stop for serial work
Fully equipped machine; The user can work productively immediately after commissioning
transport safety