Baileigh Tube/Pipe Notcher Endmill Style Tube OD 19mm to 76.2 mm TN-800

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Tube/Pipe Notcher Endmill Style Tube OD 19mm to 76.2 mm

If you are a shop that wants the best in tube and pipe equipment, then you have to look at the TN-800 tube and pipe notcher from Baileigh industrial.

This patented design (patent No: 6,435,783) does what no other notcher on the market can do; notch tube from 25mm to 76mm OD without having to change tooling, holesaws or mandrels. The secret is in the eccentric path that the cutter takes as it notches the tube.

This end-mill-style notcher uses a very unique design where the operator dials in the OD that they wish to notch to and the tube notcher will change its eccentric path and produce a perfect notch.

This patented feature saves the fabricator thousands of dollars every year in tooling costs. No other end mill notcher has this profitable feature.

The TN-800 is also built to last. Built in the USA using heavy duty cast iron for the main framework. This design reduces vibration and gives better results. The vice on the TN-800 is also as unique as the machine itself. It is adjustable in just about every way possible and features X and Y axis to ensure good cutting position.

The TN-800 tube and pipe notcher operates on 220 volt power so it can be run almost anywhere. The TN-800 also has a portable cart that has wheels so that when it is not in use it can be rolled out of the way.

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Power: 220V 1P, 50Hz 1Hp motor
Shipping Weight: 610 lbs / 278 Kg
Shipping Dimensions: 66″ x 44″ x 602 / 1676mm x 1118mm x 1524mm

Mild Steel Pipe Sch 40: 73mm
Aluminium Pips Sch 40: 73mm
Stainless Steel Pipe Sch 40: 73mm
Mild Steel Round Tube: 76mm
Aluminium Round Tube:76mm
Chromolly Round Tube: 76mm
Stainless Steel Round Tube: 76mm
Mild Steel Solid Rod: 76mm
Mild Steel Square Rod: 76mm
Minimum OD: 13mm
RPM: 177
Angle Adjust: 0-60 Deg
End Mill Spec: 25x165mm (100mm Cutting Surface)
Notching Range: 13mm to 76mm