Baileigh RDB-25 Manual Tube Bender 2004085

£339.88 inc VAT £283.23 ex VAT

  • 8 included die sets
  • from 9.5mm to 22.3mm Ø round tube
  • 19.1mm & 25.4mm square capacity
  • Manual Operation
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he RDB-25 manual tube bender is the perfect machine for those hobbyists that need to bend tube on a budget. It is made from a sturdy cast iron frame and can be bench or pedestal mounted. The RDB-25 from Baileigh Industrial was designed to bend the most common sizes of tubing on safe centerline radii to ensure great looking bends.This manual tubing bender comes standard with the following round tube die sets:Imperial Metric3/8″ OD x 2″ CLR 9.5mm OD x 51mm CLR1/2″ OD x 2.25″ CLR 12.7mm OD x 57mm CLR9/16″ OD x 2.5″ CLR 14.3mm OD x 64mm CLR5/8″ OD x 3″ CLR 15.8mm OD x 76mm CLR3/4″ OD x 3.5″ CLR 19.1mm OD x 89mm CLR7/8″ OD x 4.25″ CLR 22.3mm OD x 108mm CLR3/4″ Square x 3.75″ CLR 19.1mm Square x 95mm CLR1″ Square x 4.25″ CLR 25.4mm Square x 108mm CLRAlso included is a handy carry case, which allows the bender to be stored when not in use.