Baileigh Pipe Notcher Pipe OD Sizes between 13.7mm to 60.3mm TN-200E

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Pipe Notcher Pipe OD Sizes between 13.7mm to 60.3mm

Do you make 90° notches in schedule 40 pipe all day, every day?

Then the TN-200E is for you. This electric tube notcher was specifically designed to notch schedule 40 pipe ranging in sizes from 1/4” to 2”. This 220 volt, single phase machine provides clean and fast notches.

Operation of the TN-200E is easy, simply inset the end of the pipe you need to cope, the TN-200E will notch one side and to notch the other side simply rotate the pipe 180° and reinsert. That is a perfect 90° notch in seconds.

For more information on the TN-200E electric tube notcher, call Baileigh Industrial today.

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Dimensions: 36″ x 16″ x 18″ / 914mm x 406mm x 4457mm
Weight: 224lbs / 102 lbs
Notch Capacity: 14/17/22/27/34/42/48/60mm

Item Number TN-200E
Notching Capacity (OD) 13.7, 17.1, 21.4, 26.7, 33.4, 42.2, 48.3, 60.3 mm
Notching Capacity Pipe 6.35 mm
Power 220V, 1-Phase, 50Hz
Shipping Weight 105 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 914 mm x 406 mm x 457 mm