Aircraft M PLUS 20-53AN Membrane dryer 2048317

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with integrated filter

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Aircraft M PLUS 20-53AN

  • The ultimate membrane dryer technology with integrated nanofilter
  • Filtration and drying in one housing (simple filter element change)
  • Low purge air requirement (Twist 60 technology)
  • Availability of dried compressed air immediately without running-in phase
  • Safe drying due to the high partial vapor pressure gradient
  • No change in the compressed air temperature and composition
  • Proven 100,000 times
  • Maintenance-free (except filter element change)
  • For diverse applications, including for breathing air treatment
  • Also ideal for use directly behind the compressor / aftercooler
  • Optionally also for higher loads (assembly potting, 16 bar, 70°C)
  • For a reliable function of the DRYPOINT M membrane dryer must meet the following requirements:
    1. The incoming compressed air must not contain any liquid condensate
    2. Particles larger than 1 μm must be separated before the membrane dryer
    3. The oil content of the compressed air must not exceed 0.01 mg/m³.
  • DRYPOINT M membrane dryers have been an alternative to existing ones for years Compressed air drying process proven.


  • Proven process of highest reliability and functional safety
  • Immediate availability of dry compressed air, even when working discontinuously
  • Low purge air requirement, compressed air drying can be adjusted to the application
  • Compact and robust, small space requirement due to low overall height
  • Compressed air inlet and outlet on one level (filter version), easy to combine with CLEARPOINT filters
  • Maintenance and wear-free as there are no moving parts
  • No reduction in the oxygen content, therefore also suitable for breathing air treatment
  • No electrical connection, also suitable for Ex areas
  • Long service life in case of use of CLEARPOINT filters
  • Environmentally friendly, does not require CFCs / CFC-containing refrigerants or adsorbents
  • Complete solution: filtration and dryer in a compact form, integration of drain pipe
  • Filtration at the point in the treatment chain where the highest efficiency is achieved
  • Easy maintenance / replacement of filter element as with a regular filter

Filter element: N (nanofilter)

  • The CLEARPOINT filter element type N is used to separate solid particles down to 0.01 micron, water and oil aerosols . The element has a multi-stage structure for efficient and long-lasting filtering. In the first stage, coarse particles are retained by a pre-filter layer. In the second stage, finer particles are absorbed by a depth filter bed made of high-performance borosilicate fiber fabric. Due to the very large cavity volume of the filter medium (96%), a very high dirt holding capacity is achieved. The filter medium is specially impregnated in order to avoid cross-sectional swelling of the individual fibers.

Trap: Float trap

  • The basic version includes a float drain.

Size 10 – 40

  • This size is for the demand-oriented compressed air drying of medium volume flows configured. Different levels of drying of the compressed air are achieved through different purge air settings.

Key Features:


  • Drying by partial vapor pressure compensation of water vapor by diffusion in combination with a highly selective membrane
  • No change in the compressed air composition – can be used for breathing air treatment


  • Reaches the required pressure dew point with low energy consumption
  • Very fast availability of dried compressed air
  • Filtration and drying compact in one device


  • Housing made of seawater-resistant aluminum
  • Low-maintenance, currentless technology


  • Modularly combinable with CLEARPOINT Filter program
  • Can be used anywhere along the compressed air treatment chain – can also be integrated into system technology

Delivery Content:

  • 2 wall brackets
  • Connection fitting for filters (1/2″ to 1/2″)


L: 1000 H: 220 W: 150

Weight: 4.2kg