Aircraft ASD 144 Compressed air refrigeration dryer 2041825

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Energy-saving, patented and forward-looking

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Aircraft ASD 144

    Higher efficiency – lower costs
    The innovative and highly efficient ASDB series uses a patented 3-circuit heat exchanger system. In combination with the glycol cycle, a significant energy saving is achieved. The glycol mass acts like a cold-storing medium. The ASD dryers are particularly suitable for partial load operation and for irregular compressed air requirements. By using the ASD dryers, you can noticeably save operating costs.
    Operation and advantages of the glycol cycle
    The water-glycol mixture is cooled when not all the cooling energy is needed to cool the compressed air. When the refrigeration compressor shuts off during partial load operation, the compressed air is cooled down by the cold stored in the glycol mass. Only when the mass is no longer cool enough, the refrigerant compressor turns on again. Therefore, the ASD dryers show their potential for savings, especially during partial load operation and irregular compressed air requirements. When the air compressor starts again after a pause and releases compressed air into the piping system, the ASD dryers immediately cool this compressed air to dew point because the glycol mass immediately provides the temperature required. Many other systems, in which the refrigeration compressor can cool down to operating temperature only after a start-up period, allow humid air to flow into the supply network during this time, with all the adverse effects.
    The advantages at a glance

    • Improved energy efficiency thanks to patented 3-circuit heat exchanger system
    • Energy saving and longer service life by switching off the refrigeration compressor in partial load operation
    • Optimal dew point control with additional temperature sensor for the glycol control
    • Condensate drainage without pressure loss through integrated electronic, level-regulated condensate separator
    • Optimum performance under all load and ambient conditions thanks to variable fan speed control
    • By using quality components longevity and reduction of service costs
    • Operating cost reduction with active environmental protection

    The operation of the patented 3-circuit heat exchanger system

    1. Warm saturated with compressed air compressed air flows into the heat exchanger.
    2. Pre-cooling of the inlet air is caused by the countercurrent cold outlet air in the heat exchanger.
    3. Input air is brought to dew point temperature by the refrigerant circuit, causing condensate.
    4. Condensate is collected and removed in the integrated electronic, level-regulated condensate separator.
    5. Glycol circulation stores excess energy and cools the intake air at partial load.
    6. The refrigeration compressor switches off at partial load, which can double its service life.
      (Explanation in product description series ASD under ” Function and advantages of the glycol cycle ” )


    L: 386 H: 651 W: 500

    Weight: 50kg