Aircraft 321/24 PRO Mobile piston compressor 2005352

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The powerful, universally applicable compressors in all-round protected compact design

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Aircraft 321/24 PRO

  • The compact design allows a comfortable transport. Thanks to the all-round protection, ideally suited for daily assembly use.
  • Universally applicable in the assembly and crafts area
  • The low speed guarantees maximum smoothness and durability
  • The PU foam tires in conjunction with the wide wheelbase ensure comfortable and safe transport
  • Flexible armored hose line with heat protection prevents vibration breakage
  • High quality electric motor with high torque
  • Electric motor equipped with motor protection switch
  • Fully automatic on-off operation
  • All transport-endangered parts are optimally protected by the compact design
  • With all safety devices
  • With quality quick couplings and high quality CONDOR pressure switch
  • Ten-year rust-through warranty on powder-coated compressed air tank

Room amenities:

Optimal frame ergonomics

  • Transport by stairs through one person possible
  • Easy to tip, thereby driving back-friendly
  • Stable stand


  • Standard with high-quality CONDOR pressure switch
  • The on-off switch is protected above and easily accessible.
  • The ergonomically designed control panel is clearly structured and self-explanatory.
  • One manometer each to indicate the tank pressure and the set working pressure
  • Two compressed air outlets for filtered compressed air, filtered and oiled compressed air and a direct compressed air outlet from the compressed air tank
  • Standard with quality quick couplings

cable hook

  • With inside protected cable hooks

hose hook

  • Standard with internally protected hose hooks
  • Hose not included

tool tray

  • The tool tray above the compressor also protects it during transport.
  • It can also be used as a practical storage for eg tools.
  • Suitable for the standard systainer of all electric tools manufacturers such as: Makita, Festool, Mafell, …

Filter regulators

  • The working pressure is infinitely adjustable via the standard filter pressure regulator – with simultaneous dirt and condensate separation.


  • At the footwell, there are no fittings or switches that can be damaged during tipping and transport

High performance aggregate HOS

  • The precisely machined piston is equipped with a high-alloy piston ring, oil scraper ring and oil scraper ring, which seal the piston from the cylinder wall.
  • The crankcase is filled with oil, which is sprayed against the cylinder wall with each piston stroke.
  • The oil scraper wipes the oil-wetted cylinder wall downwards.

landing gear

  • The large, stable wheels with puncture-proof PU foam tires in conjunction with the wide wheelbase ensure safe and comfortable transport even on uneven ground such as when driving stairs.


  • As standard with rubber carrying handle against slipping during transport.


  • Compressor in all-round protected compact design
  • The fittings are optimally protected against damage by the tubular frame and the overhead shelf.

High quality container

  • Ten-year rust-through warranty on powder-coated compressed air tank

Key Features: With smooth running 2-cylinder compressor

Delivery Content:

  • Two-cylinder compressor
  • High quality CONDOR pressure switch
  • Motor protection switch
  • Filter regulators
  • mist oiler
  • 3 quality one-hand quick couplings
  • With all safety devices
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Flexible armored hose line with heat protection
  • Puncture-proof PU foam tires
  • Two rubber handles
  • Internal cable and hose hooks
  • Compressed air tank powder coated


L: 630 H: 980 W: 650

Weight: 51kg