Aircraft 14 Oil-water separator 2048014

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Safely separated, efficiently processed

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Aircraft 14

    function Description

    • For treatment, the oil-containing condensate first passes under pressure into the pressure relief chamber.
    • There, the overpressure is reduced, without causing turbulence in the subsequent separation tank for free oil separation.
    • Carried coarse dirt particles are retained in a removable catch.
    • In the separation tank, the oil settles on the surface through gravity separation and is led into the overflow-proof oil catch tank (version available on request).
    • The filter makes the difference: The pre-cleaned condensate flows through the oleophilic pre-filter, which has a large active filter area. Flowing through from the inside to the outside, it binds the remaining oil droplets and also absorbs residual, floating oil in the filter chamber.
    • In the OEKOSORB® main filter with cartridge technology, the last oil components are reliably retained. What remains is water for direct discharge into the sewage system.

    The advantages at a glance

    • System-compatible size
    • Installation on wall possible with ÖWAMAT® 10 and ÖWAMAT® 11
    • Long service life of the filter units
    • Easy retrofitting of a heater at any time
    • Easiest handling by cartridge technology
    • Type approval with and without free oil separation
    • No energy costs


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